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About the College

The academic programs in the College of Humanities expose students to both local and foreign cultures so that they can enhance their understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures.

Academic Programs

The objective of language and literature education is to study the essence of spiritual culture of human and to nurture talents who can respond to the era of international competition. Also, it is to promote an understanding of the identity of national culture to explain the essence of spiritual culture of human in general, and to develop abilities to lead the globalization. The most important role of humanities is to pursue vast knowledge by properly understanding the historical phenomenon created by mankind. The college of humanities is currently composed of only the departments of language and literature. However, we plan to progressively intensify and expand lectures on philosophy of history, which is the basis of the field of humanities, and contribute to the human society.

How to Apply

First, choose your major program and then follow INU's regular application process for undergraduates or graduates. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the International Affairs Office.
International Affairs Contact Information

Office of International Affairs
#19-105 Incheon National University
119 Academy-ro
Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, Korea
Global Campus Admissions Team

Tel. +82+32+835-9572~9577
Fax. +82+32+858-0736
Email. inbound@inu.ac.kr
Web. interui.incheon.ac.kr


Whether you are a future or current student, alumni or visitor, this is how to get in touch with us.
Humanities College Office

Humanities College
Incheon National University
119 Academy-ro
Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, Korea

Tel. +82-32-835-8103
Email. jhlee6667@inu.ac.kr